A Quick Portrait of Sean Carter

I love art, which is why I have spent my entire life devoted to art in one form or another. I have done a lot of different things in my life, but art has always been a driving force. I served in the military, I taught in our schools, I worked in advertising on award-winning campaigns, I have done the designs for a major product launch of HID Global, and now I am transitioning my career from art director to marketing professional. I am also creating art and doing commissions. Here you can find information on commissions, art projects, freelance design projects, and other things going on. To keep up even better, why not sign up for my e-mail club?

When I have a chance I also do art, so be sure to tune into my Periscope to see it in action. You can also see the art at my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course my Youtube has my videos as I'm able to get them out. If you would like to purchase prints or products with my art on them you can check out my Art Store, my Society6 page, a RedBubble page that I've also started, and if you would like an awesome personalized drawing -- an original commissioned art piece -- you can check out my Etsy Store.

To keep up on these and other future plans, including a comic book in the works and other things you can always subscribe to my Email Club where you will keep up on discounts and find out about things like the recent Art Book I put together and is still for sale.

Select testimonies from those who have worked with him

Franklin Thomas copy editor at Amusement Park Avatar

Franklin Thomas
Copy Editor at Amusement Park

I know Sean from DGWB. He performed some serious heavy lifting on the Addy-winning California Avocado Commission campaign. He knows his stuff technology- and software-wise, and continues to pay close attention to the advertising business in general -- not just art direction specifically. I recommend him to anyone looking for a focused, ambitious advertising professional.

Jon Gothold Partner and Creative Director at Amusement Park Brands Avatar

Jon Gothold
Partner at Amusement Park Brands

Sean is a great person and a dedicated craftsman. In all the time we worked together, I never heard him say "no", or "I can't", and believe me, I threw him plenty of curve balls that would have felled a lesser human being.

Jayne Camille President of Bitcentral Avatar

Camille Jayne
President at Bitcentral, Inc.

While I was Acting CEO at SMS, a direct response marketing company, Sean was in the Creative department. Sean was a very creative artist, always open to trying to find the right solution for the client and, worked hard to make sure deadlines were always met. I enjoyed working with him and having him a part of the team.

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Some of the Main Features on id8tionist.com

id8tionist Graphic Design Portfolio Background Avatar
Graphic Designs
The portfolio of Sean Carter

Currently this is lightbox page with a broad overview of some of the work I have done over the years. Expect drastic changes soon.

id8tionist Graphic Design Case Study Background Avatar
Case Studies
Select projects from Sean Carter

In an effort to better show the scope of my background and the projects I have worked on, I am building out case studies.

id8tionist Art Drawings Background Avatar
The Art Portfolio of Carter

This is the current depository for some of my artwork. Portraits for Reddit Gets Drawn, Comic books, etc... Expect drastic changes soon.

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There is also the Art Store

Buy My Book!

After three years of going to Reddit Gets Drawn I have drawn a lot of submitted portraits. I decided to collect them all in a single tome. In this book you will see how the style progressed and how practice and time can improve your style as well. When I started to do these pictures I would rush through 3 or more sketches during my lunch break, but as time progressed I spent more time on the art and refined the process. If you watch my Twitter Page or Periscope you can catch a live drawing session.

Printing is done on-demand via Lulu.com. To learn more, check out its product page or click the button to buy it.

Buy the Book
A book that is a collection of Redditgetsdrawn portraits drawn by Sean Carter - Interior A book that is a collection of Redditgetsdrawn portraits drawn by Sean Carter - exterior