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About Sean Carter

I will be updating this very soon...

I was born in Ridgecrest, California and then raised in Orange County, California. I had two dreams as a child -- I wanted to be a scientist and an artist. I believe almost every person who has at least the barest of capabilities can make art, but the pursuit to be an artist takes lifetimes. Yet I still endure to try and create as much art as I can. It was this desire to be an artist that pushed me to pursue graphic design and to find a way into the world of advertising.

Before I started this journey of advertising and marketing I was a soldier in the U.S. Army. I served as an infantry solder in Korea and then I was a participant in the Force XXI project at Fort Hood, Texas. When my contract was completed I returned to California where I obtained my associates degree from Mt. San Antonio College. I went to Westwood College where I found myself working two jobs while going to school for my bachelors degree and I maintained a 3.62 GPA. I helped develop some graphic design projects for a small game design company, did catalog projects for Rivera Engineering, and worked at Newport Signs & Graphics while enrolled at Westwood. At Newport Signs I was able to design many projects and learned first hand what it took for a project to go to print. I also helped restructure their process and computer systems while I was there along with creating a protocol for their new UV printing process.

Since then I have done freelance projects, had art shows, sold commissions and paintings, and have worked for some great advertising companies on some wonderful projects. I am currently working at Mindshare Creative as I work on my second bachelors degree, in marketing this time, and raising the world's most beautiful daughter with my wonderful wife.

When I have a chance I also do art, so be sure to tune into my Periscope to see it in action. You can also see the art at my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course my Youtube has my videos as I'm able to get them out. If you would like to purchase prints or products with my art on them you can check out my Art Store, my Society6 page, a RedBubble page I've also started, and if you would like an awesome personalized drawing -- an original commissioned art piece -- you can check out my Etsy Store.

To keep up on these and other future plans, including a comic book in the works and other things you can always subscribe to my Email Club where you will keep up on discounts and find out about things like the recent Art Book I put together and is still for sale.

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My First Art Book is Available!

The first collection of my art put to print. This is a collection of my Reddit Gets Drawn submissions from 2015 - 2017. It shows a wonderful progression of the portrait drawings I've done in that period. Printing is done on-demand via To learn more, check out it's product page or click the button to buy it.

Buy the Book
A book that is a collection of Redditgetsdrawn portraits drawn by Sean Carter