RGD Art Book, Volume 01 | Artist Book Sean Carter | Printed by Lulu

This is the first art book by the artist, Sean Carter. A collection of portraits done by Sean Carter from 2015 to October of 2017.

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Featuring over 488 different portraits from California artist Sean Carter, here is the first book that collects the portraits done for Reddit Gets Drawn since he started in 2014. A collection of his works between 2014-2017, and shows how his talent has grown.

This experiment to utilize the lunch breaks and improve his drawing skills went from doing a few quick sketches to exploring new media and spending hours on any given project.

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This art book will look great on any coffee table or in any library, and it is an excellent representation of how much one can improve in their abilities if they practice almost every day. You will love the art and feel proud that you have helped support a local artist.


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